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switch_blue.jpg (1114 bytes) User Pays After (Pay-As-You-Go) mode
As you can see PC-panel interface is quite simple and easy to use.
pic 1
pic 2
Start Click Start to set time when customer has started using PC. If you are using Café Manager with Shield in Internal Mode, Shield will unlock remote PC allow for user to begin using computer
End button become enabled
Clear button become enabled
End Click End to set time when customer has finished using computer. If you are using Cafe Manager with Shield in Internal Mode, Shield will lock remote PC, so no one can start using PC until you press Start button again.
Time button become enabled.
Time Click Time button to calculate time customer spent using computer.
User category buttons (Guest, Student, Member) become enabled.
At any time (but before you click on Save button)  you can enter charges for additional services you may provide.(pic 2)
Use Up and Down arrow buttons to enter charges for additional services.
Member Click on one of the user category buttons to calculate the total charge, based on the rate you have for this user.
If you have any additional charges entered, they will be added to total automatically.
Save button become enabled
Clear button become disabled
Save Click Save to save transaction into a log file.
Clear button become enabled
Clear clears PC-Panel for the next use

You can change rates and names for services and user categories through Options menu.

switch_red.jpg (857 bytes) User pays Before (Prepaid) mode
pic 3 pic 4
In this mode you have to first select a user from the dropdown box (pic 3). This will tell the program what rate it should use. The customer should indicate if he/she wishes to spend exact amount of money or time using a PC and you enter values for Time or Money accordingly and press Ready button. In this example customer wants to spend 1 hour and charge is 4.00 (this is the Member rate in this example)

After that you press the Start button, the program will start the timer and will notify you when time has elapsed.

When you click the Start button its caption will be changed to End, so you can, at any stage, stop the timer and the PC-panel will display the total charge up to this moment. On a picture 4 customer has spent 22 minutes and total charge is $1.47.
You can continue by clicking on the Start button again or Save transaction if the customer decides to finish using the PC.

Don't run Shield
- Check Don't run Shield if you want to allow customer to finish up his/her work when time has elapsed. In this case program won't run Shield.
This is available only when Shield is set up for Internal Mode.

You can enter charges for additional services in the same way as in User Pays After mode














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