Cafe Manager Lite

User Interface:
The program interface consists of a main screen and menu where you can invoke additional tools or options.

On a left-hand side of the main window you can see a number of systems: PC 1, PC 2, PC 3 etc., which artificially represent remote PCs in a network. They are grouped together under a "Systems" panel.
Names PC 1, PC 2 etc. are only related to Cafe Manager (i.e. there is not need for you to name your remote systems in the same manner). These names cannot be changed.
For your continence: if your remote systems are named differently, you can map them to Cafe Manager by using Bookmarks.
On a picture, Cafe Manager has 3 bookmarks set: Game station, Live cam and XBox

Right-hand side of the main window represents a current status of PC
selected in "Systems".
Time and charge information displayed in PC-panel

Main window:

This is an example of using Cafe Manager for 10 PCs.  Screen Shield is used for 9 system. You can see it by a small shield icon next to a PC icon. You can see IP Address of the selected PC-panel at the bottom of the window. PC 10 does not have an IP address assigned to it.
Screen Shield is a client-side software, that helps Cafe Manager to keep client PCs protected from unauthorized access. You can configure use of Screen Shield in Settings menu

There are three systems in use: 
PC 1 is a currently displayed. It is in a User Pays After mode (blue color)
PC 3 is in User Pays Before mode (pink color). 
PC 7 is in a User Pays After mode (blue color)

When you click on an icon with PC number, the PC-panel with the same number will pop up and it will contain all available information for that PC.

Don't print receipts - All settings for receipt print out are configurable through Settings menu

Payment mode switch. Blue - PayAsYouGo , Pink - Pre-Paid
If you right-click on system view you can access following menu items:
Switch mode - to switch between payment modes (Pre-Paid or PayAsYouGo)
Shutdown - to shutdown remote system (Screen Shield required)
Restart - to restart remote system (Screen Shield required)

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