Cafe Manager Light
Registration Information:

Each installation of Cafe Manager Light produces an unique Serial Number. When you register the program you will recive Unlock Code for the Serial Number you have specified.

To register Cafe Manager Pro you can either click on a purchase button or go to the following website:
During a registration process you will need to indicate:
 - Serial number,
 - Name, you wish to register Cafe Manager to,
 - Email address
IMPORTANT: Please enter Serial Number correctly. Unlock code will not work if you have supplied Serial Number incorrectly.

After you payment will be approved following information will be sent to you to the email address specified:
 - Unlock Code
 - Registration Name (name you have specified as a registration name)
 - Registration Code

After the registration Cafe Manager Light will produce a licence file cmlight.slx in the Cafe Manager directory. Please back up this license file. In event of hardware failure, virus corruption and etc. license file cannot be restored.
Should you need to reinstall Cafe Manager Light please copy license file into the directory where you have program installed before running the program.

When you reformat hard drive, license for the program will expire. Please contact technical support with your registration details for assistance.

You can Transfer license to another PC:
 - select Transfer option and enter Serial Number of the target PC in the Transfer Serial Number field  and click OK
 - You will see a message showing new Unlock and Registration Codes for the target PC. This will be aslo saved into a text file. Enter new registration codes on the Register screen on the target PC. You should use the same  Registration Name on target PC as on the original PC.
 - License on first system will be Expired
 - You can transfer license as many times as you like.

If you wish to upgrade number of licenses please contact technical support for the detailed instructions.
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