Cafe Manager Light

Settings Menu
Screen Shield:

Check ‘Use Shield’ if you want Café Manager to use Shield.



Check ‘Internal use of Screen Shield’ if you want to operate Shield in Internal Mode i.e. by means of Start and End buttons on PC-panel.
When you click StartShield will unlock remote PC; Click End and Shield will lock remote PC.

If you check ‘Use Shield’ but leave ‘Internal Use of Screen Shield’, blank, the program will use Shield in External mode. Separate Shield’s Control Panel will be displayed beside every PC-panel.
If you select Internal Use of Shield, Café Manager will operate Shield by means of Start and End buttons on every PC-Panel. When you click Start (customer is ready to start) program will contact Shield by using either Network Path or IP Address provided (use Shield Config) and will unlock remote computer. When End button is pressed (customer has finished using PC and ready to pay) Shield will lock remote computer

Select Connection Mode:

  • IP Address

  • Network Path

NOTE: You have to select exactly the same Connection Mode for Shield in Shield Menu on the remote PC.

Use ‘Shield Config…’ button to configure Shield connections

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