Cafe Manager Light

Option Menu:

Here you can increase security level of PC-panels behavior.
It's assumed that user familiar with Cafe Manager's PC-panels  
Disable Start button after Start - If selected, Start button will be disabled immediately after user has clicked on it.

Disable Start button after End - By default Start button stays enabled until user clicks on one of the User Category buttons.

Disable Start and End buttons after TIME - By default Start and End buttons are enabled until user clicks on one of the User Category buttons.

Enable Clear button only after SAVE
- By default Clear button become enabled when user presses Start button, its become disabled when user presses Time button and finally its enabled after user presses Save button. If check box is selected Clear button will be enabled only after user saves transaction into a log file.

Lock Start and End text fields - By default user can edit Start and End text fields.

Write Log  after CLEAR - Cafe Manager will write currently displayed information on PC-panel into a Log file

Write Log after START -  Cafe Manager will currently displayed write information on PC-panel into a Log file

If Apply only on Copy of Log file check box is checked then program will write information, that currently displayed on PC-panel, each time user presses Start or/and Clear buttons. This information will be written into a Copy of Log file only. In default Log file information will be written as usual (after user presses Save button).
By comparing Default Log file and Copy of Log file you can see what actually member of staff was doing. This could be used if, by some reasons, you do not trust a particular member of staff. Learn more... (In following example Advanced Options was used as per picture)


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