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Cafe Manager Lite
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Cafe Manager Lite functions for your Internet cafe

  • Unlimited number of client PCs. It's actually between 1 and 999, and limits of the operating system. Registration fee does not depend on the number of client PCs.
  • One mouse click control over the client PC. Lock, Unlock, Shutdown, Restart.
  • Two connection modes: Static IP and Network Path
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  • Two payment modes. Pay-As-You-Go and Pre-Paid. Change it on "a fly". In Pre-Paid mode it is possible to increase amount of time for the user's session.
  • Use any currency. Can specify currency different from your Windows settings
  • 9 of configurable points of sale (Coffee, Tea, Print etc.)
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  • 3 configurable Charge Categories (rates). For each Charge Category you can set a different charge rate per hour.   [view] [tip]
  • Customize rate per hour :  You can specify whether or not program should calculate charge by Minimum Time Period or by 1 minute or mix them both. 
  • Password protected access to the main configuration options. 
  • Print receipts for the customers. 
  • Create Log file and Copy of Log file in a different location. Log file could be accessed by all members of staff. Copy - is only for your private viewing.
  • Advanced security configuration (includes ability to record all important actions of the member of staff into a copy of a log file) By comparing two log files you can "catch" members of staff you do not trust.
  • Sign On/Off members of staff


Some useful tips for Cafe Manager Lite:

 Network Path Configuration
  Here are 5 easy steps for setting up Cafe Manger and Shield in Network Path connection mode.
  1. - Install Cafe Manager on a system connected into network. This will be your admin PC, usually situated at reception, where you are dealing with customers.
  2. - Install Shield on systems for users in a network. In Shield's Edit Menu select 'Network Path Connection' mode. Share Shield's directory with full access for admin PC (where Cafe Manger is installed).
  3. - On admin PC, map network drive for every Shield's share directory on a network. Check box 'Reconnect at start up'
  4. - Reboot admin PC, just to make sure everything is OK.
  5. - In Cafe Manager go to menu Tools>Settings, select 'Network Path Connection' mode and configure Network Path through a mapped drive for every PC where you have Shield installed.
 Another way of setting up Additional Service (point of sales)
   Program supports nine charge settings for additional services. By default it is set to a charge for Coffee, Tea, Drinks, Print, Scan etc.
What if you do not sell any goods or do not use all 9 settings?
You can use them as just money pre-sets like: $1, $10, ¢50 etc.

For example: if you are using all 3 user's charge rates (Guest, Student, Member) and you also want to vary price based on time of day (cheaper rates in the morning more expensive rates in the evening).
You need to set-up your user's charge rates at the lowest rate you have (morning rate). Setup one or more money pre-sets in order to reflect price increase during the evening. You need to experiment with this since it's mainly depends on how you are increasing rates.
In the evening simply add one of the money pre-sets when calculating total.

If you would like program that allows create more comprehensive charges and automatically adjust charges during day-night time - consider upgrading to Cafe Manager Pro. [Show me
 Another way of setting up Charge Categories
 Program supports 3 different Charge Categories. By default, it is set to 3 categories of users, like 'Member', 'Student' and 'Guest',
What if you have only one or two category of users?
You can re-name rest or all of them time based categories, like 'Day' or 'Evening' or 'Night'. 
Please note that Cafe Manager cannot automatically switch Charge Category based on time of the day. 

If you would like program to automatically adjust charges during day-night time - consider upgrading to Cafe Manager Pro. [Show me]  


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