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How Cafe Manager Lite package will work in Internet cafe

With Cafe Manager Lite package you get all what you need to run Internet cafe:
cafe manager lite - software for internet cafe  Cafe Manager Lite [view]
The general idea behind the program is to provide staff members with the facility to quickly and efficiently process customers payments for Pre-Paid and Pay-After modes.
The software is very easy to use. Simple point and click - Start, End , Time ect. Anyone can learn how to use it in five minutes. Full list of functions...

 - Cafe Manager calculates the total charge for time spent and services provided based on configured charge rates. Information about customers sessions is saved in a comma separated log file. You can export log file to the MS excel or similar programs for later use in reports.

 - Program supports 9 charge settings for additional services. It could be a charge for Coffee, Tea, Print, Scan etc. or just money pre-sets like $1, $10, ¢50 etc. Simply type in your preferences and rates. Full list of functions...

 - By installing Screen Shield on client systems you can take total control over a remote PC and eliminate all unauthorized and unexpected use of the client systems. 
 Screen Shield
- Client-side software, designed to work with Cafe Manager.
Main tasks are to eliminate unauthorized use of client PC. Screen Shield will Lock, Unlock, Restart or Shutdown client PC by the signal from Cafe Manager program. You can also use Screen Shield to:
       -  show advertisement;
       -  restrict access to vital parts of Windows OS or modify default behavior for some of the Windows features;
       -  terminate pre-selected applications if they are running when Screen Shield is Locking system up.

- Extend functionality of Screen Shield by adding your own programs or batch files. At pre-defined actions (e.g. Before Unlock) Screen Shield will execute your application. For example this can be used to show Legal Notice to customers before they can start using PC


 Cafe Manager Lite setup
Cafe Manager Lite is a "server" side (control) application. Typically Cafe Manager would be installed on the computer near/on your cashier desk. This will be your Cafe Manager admin system and it will help to process payments and bill customers.
After you install the program comes with some pre-configured (default) settings. You may want to change some of them.
Like Charge options and Network connections. Please consult Help file or click here to view online user manual.
 Screen Shield setup
If you decided to use Cafe Manager with Screen Shield - you need to install Screen Shield on client PCs in your network. Cafe Manager and Shield can communicate either through a static IP Address or Windows networking (Network Path). 
In Screen Shield setup wizard you need to specify what connection option you will use. 
 Network setup
If you're not using Screen Shield  then Cafe Manager may be installed on a computer not connected to the network at all. However if you've opted to install the Screen Shield, then PC with Cafe Manager has to be a part of the network to operate the Screen Shield.
Cafe Manager can connect to the Screen Shield either by static IP address or through a Network Path. In one of Cafe Manager's settings window you need to pick connection option (same as you did in Screen Shield setup wizard) and enter either IP Address or Network Path to the client computers. [view]


Cyber Cafe Software installation scheme

 How it works
When all Screen Shield and Cafe Manager configurations are complete you can start using the programs. Please note that Cafe Manager and Screen Shield have far to many configuration options to list them all here. Please refer to the programs Help files during configuration in order to pick best suitable set of options for you.
Typical example of Cafe Manager and Screen Shield use would be as follows:
 - Customer walks in to the cafe and ask receptionist to use a computer.
 - Receptionist will pick a free computer in Cafe Manager and presses Start button.
 - Screen Shield will Unlock remote computer. Customer can start using it.
 - If customer uses PC in Pre-Paid mode then after time is elapsed Screen Shield will automatically Lock remote PC. 
 - If customer uses PC in Pay-As-You-Go mode - remote PC will be Locked as soon as receptionist presses End button in Cafe Manager or customer click End Session in Screen Shield. Cafe Manager will calculate used time and receptionist can select what charge option should be applied.

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