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Cafe Manager Lite
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Frequently asked questions:


 Registration and Licensing:
 - What is the procedure of registering Cafe Manager Lite? 
 - Is registration fee depends on number of computers in my network?
 - Can I get Cafe Manger Lite and Screen Shield on CD? 
 - What types of payment do you accept? 
 - Is there an economical upgrade from Cafe Manager Lite to Cafe Manager Pro? 
 Installation and configuration:
 - How I can Transfer license from one PC to another?
 - What if I need to reinstall Cafe Manager Lite on the same system?
 - Can I have Cafe Manager Lite and Cafe Manager Pro installed on the same system?
 - Can Cafe Manager Lite be configured to work with a cash register? 
 - Can I use any currency in the Cafe Manager? 
 - Do I have to install Cafe Manager on my Network Server? 
 - Is it possible to reinstall Cafe Manager Lite on a different PC and use same Unlock Code?
 - What if my system got corrupt and I would need to reinstall whole operating system? 
 - If I install Cafe Manager on a server can it connect to the Internet and monitor Internet activity of customers? 
 - What is the maximum number of computers I can use in Cafe Manager? 
 - In evaluation version can I access all features of the program? 
 - Does Cafe Manager have some sort of report generation? 
 - I forgot a password for Options menu in Cafe Manager. Can it be retrieved somehow?
 - I'm not able to control Shield on some of the workstations? 
 - I'm getting following message "Unable to connect to the Shield on <IP Adddress>"? 
 - Can Cafe Manager automatically keep track on how many pages customer has printed? 
 -  In Pre-Paid mode Cafe Manager 2.4.0 does not unlock the client?
 -  In Pre-Paid mode Screen Shield timer does not count down?



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