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Cafe Manager Lite
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Cafe Manager Lite - easy solution for Internet cafe management

Get essential features of Cafe Manager Pro™ for  low price with 20 days free trial period.
Cafe Manager Lite™ is an admin program and you can freely use Screen Shield™ program as a client-side software.
Cafe Manager Lite™ does not need to be installed on your network server. You can use any type of Operating System on the network server: Unix, Linux, Mac and etc. 
 Configurable settings:
  Cafe Manager Lite has all essential functions in order to manage small to medium size Internet club with unlimited client systems and simple billing rates. 

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 Easy to use:
  The software is very easy to use. Simple point and click - Start, End , Time etc. Anyone can learn how to use it in five minutes.
Cafe Manager Lite has very similar interface as Cafe Manager Pro.
 Low price:
  You will not get a better deal from any other cyber cafe software manufactures for the program with similar set of functions.
- It's one time payment and you can immediately use any number of client systems.
- There are no extra or hidden costs. One Cafe Manager Lite program is enough to manage one small to medium size Internet cafe.
 Easy to upgrade:
To upgrade to latest version of Cafe Manager Pro with Unlimited clients. 
CM Lite has the same interface as CM Pro. You do not have to learn how to use software again. You can evaluate CM Pro on the same PC where you have CM Lite installed. 


Low cost Billing Software

 Cafe Manager Lite

 What you get:
  • Unlimited number of client systems;
  • One mouse-click control over remote PC (Lock/Unlock/Restart/Shutdown);
  • Two payment modes. Pay-As-You-Go and Pre-Paid;
  • Simple configurable charge matrix;
  • 9 configurable point of sales items for additional services you may provide;
  • Print receipts for customers;
  • Unlimited email support;
  • Free upgrades;
  • More...
Software for Admin system: Software for Client systems:

Internet cafe software

client cafe software

 What you pay:
  for 1 license of Cafe Manager Lite.
Generally you would need one CM Lite program per one Internet club.

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Internet cafe software

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Internet cafe software
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