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Cafe Manager Pro
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Cyber cafe software features:

cyber cafe software pro Easy internet cafe

 Control operations:

online manual online manual
  • Unlimited number of client PCs.
    Registration fee does not depend on the number of client systems
License fee depends on number of client PCs. Unlimited Client License available yes
  • One mouse click control over the client PC.
yes yes
  • Two payment modes. Pay-As-You-Go and Pre Paid. Change it on "a fly"
yes yes
  •  Complete, crash proof auto recovery
yes no
  • Transfer user's session from one PC to another on "a fly"
yes no
  • Increase amount of time for the user's session in Pre-Paid mode on "a fly"
yes yes
  • Print receipts for the customers
Completely customizable with MS Excel Basic customization
 Charge matrix:
  • Number of configurable Billing Categories
Unlimited 3
  • Customizable charge options and rates per each Billing Category. 
Create your own charge matrix: any time period, any charge Choose one time period from 5 pre-defined
  • Configurable Billing Options based on selected time of the day. (Happy hours)
yes no
  • Configurable points of sale (Coffee, Tea, Print etc.)
Unlimited number Only 9 items
 Connection modes with clients (Screen Shield installation on client PCs is required):
  • Real time information exchange between Screen Shield and Cafe Manager
yes no
  •  Dynamic IP address
yes no
  • Static IP address
yes yes
  • Network Path (mapped network drive)
yes yes
 Staff Logons
  •  SignOn/SignOff members of staff
yes yes
  • Password protected access to the main configuration options.
yes yes
  • 4 Account Groups for staff logon with configurable access rights to different program functions
yes no
 Other options
  • Use any currency
yes yes
  • Advanced security configuration options
8 options 7 options
  • Create Log file and Copy of Log file in a different location
yes yes
  • Extend functionality of Cafe Manager by adding your own programs or batch files. 
yes no
 Additional programs
  • CM Reports.
yes no
  • Integrated Membership database. Keeps track on memberships and how much time and money each member has spent ant your cafe.
yes no
  • Log file or End Of Shift report stand alone viewer
yes no



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