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 Cafe Manager Lite installation scheme
 All information is entered into Cafe Manager by a member of staff. If you're not using Screen Shield (remote security agent) then Cafe Manager may be installed on a computer not connected to the network at all, as it doesn't collect the information from the network. However if you've opted to install the Shield, then PC with Cafe Manager has to be a part of your network to operate the Shield.
Typically Cafe Manager would be installed on the computer near/on your cashier desk. This will help to process payments quickly and efficiently. 



  If you do not use Shield you can have any type of client systems i.e. Windows, Macs, Unix/Linux etc.
Shield is free. You can use any numbers of client systems with one Cafe Manager program. No extra fee is needed if you decide to increase number of clients.

  Cafe Manager program has to be licensed per computer where it is used. Normally you would need one Cafe Manager per cafe/shop.



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