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Welcome to the Software for Internet cafes! 

Cafe Manager Lite™ official home page - easy solution for cyber cafe management.

Looking for affordable Cyber Cafe Software package? If you have a small Internet or Cyber Cafe or Bar or have a place with computers for public Internet access like schools or libraries then this software could be for you.
Cafe Manager Lite™ and its remote security agent Screen Shield™ will help you to make your business even more efficient. Timing and billing are made easy. Software can be customized for business environment in your Internet Cafe.

Cafe Manager Lite will calculate charges for customers based on pre configured different billing schemes. It can also control access to the client computers in order to avoid unauthorized use of the systems.
 Cafe Manager Lite package
Our Internet cafe software Lite package consist of:

internet cafe software lite - server

internet cafe software pro - client

Cafe Manager Lite (server-side)
[view screenshot]

Screen Shield

The programs are intended to be used on Windows OS only and they are  fully compatible with


You can evaluate a full version of the program for 20 days. Program supports unlimited number of client systems from the start.
No extra or hidden charges. One time payment.
Cafe Manager Lite can be used as stand alone software and/or with Screen Shield. 
See network installation example...

Cafe Manager doesn't have to be installed on a Network Server and it doesn't interfere with your network settings. You can have any type of operating system installed on a server PC. You can manage your network server configurations as you would normally do. In some cases you can even take it off-line without losing control over the customers in your cafe. In fact if you do not use Screen Shield, Cafe Manger can be run on a system that is not even connected to the network.





 Latest releases
cyber internet
cyber cafe software Release date:
Full (uncut) version, with 20 days evaluation period. 

 Cafe Manager Lite unlimited clients

 Cafe Manager Lite unlimited clients

download free version

 cyber internet
free cyber cafe software Release date:
Full version. Available freely, required no registration. 


cyber internet cyber internet

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